Blog 2: Essences Enhance CranioSacral Work

CranioSacral Therapy and Flower Essence work
are the cornerstones of my healing practice.
(If you'd like a brief explanation of CranioSacral
Therapy go to the 'More About Carolyn Simon'

I bring essences into my craniosacral
sessions in two ways. Firstly I am personally
taking essences on an ongoing basis and
notice the clarity and harmony they bring to all
aspects of my life. Times when I feel a lack of
balance, or I'm experiencing a sense of struggle
or unease usually coincide with a period of
time without essences.

So the first way essences enhance my healing
work is through consistently using them myself.
Essences keep me centred in soul-directed
intention, reflected in my thoughts, emotions
and actions in everyday life. This focus brings a
strong, clear sense of purpose to my work, and
helps deepen my connection with the divine
impulse of life as expressed in the patterns, tides and rhythms of the body's craniosacral system.  I am therefore more present with my own subtle ebbs and flows of energy, and able to maintain a deeper presence with my client's patterns as expressed via the dynamic interactivity of their craniosacral system.

The second way essences enhance the value of my craniosacral work is through their ability to strengthen and consolidate the healing work of the client. I always complete a craniosacral therapy session by dowsing for essences needed by the client for that session. Any essences that come up are given directly to the client from the stock bottle, one drop of each. I can give the client a brief description of each essence taken and we may discuss their significance to the session, or to the client's life situation. I've found over many years of practice that incorporating essences and craniosacral therapy in this way enhances the body's ability to dissolve old stuck patterns and maintain the systemic expansion gained during the session. Often the essences that come up at the end of a session reflect the very issues and insights that have emerged for the client during the craniosacral work, affirming and deepening their relevance to the current situation.

Sometimes near the beginning or part way through a one-hour craniosacral session I check for essences if there's some block or interference to the work. When help is needed to shift some stuck energy or move shock out of the body, finding and giving the appropriate essence usually has an immediate effect, enabling the session to progress more easily.

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Introductory Blog 1:  Let's talk flower essences!

Kia ora. Welcome to the YourFlowerEssences blogsite. Here I will share some experiences in my flower essence work and what inspires my passion in the healing arts. I created the YourFlowerEssences website as both an information resource and a way for anyone to order personalised flower essence remedies from me without us having to meet in person. This way these wonderfully healing essences can be accessed and sent to you as you need them, anywhere in Aotearoa or around the world.

The pace of change is accelerating and affecting each of us in many ways. Sometimes it's upsetting, it can even be devastating. Often it is exhilarating. I hope your personal journey through your life's changes and challenges brings many blessings your way. Navigating the external pressures of 21st century life while trying to resolve past trauma that is still impacting your internal world can feel like lonely, painful work. Flower essences can provide valuable help in clarifying issues, easing and clearing the way for resolution of internal and external stressors.

With lists or links to each of the flower essence sets I work with, you can easily access descriptions of each flower's vibrational healing energies. When I dowse an essence formula for you, you can look up each essence when you receive your bottle and read a summary of the qualities it brings to you. Often you will notice a theme flowing through the essence combination you have received. Although you don't need to know what they're addressing for the essences to do their work, people usually find it's a huge help to read about them. Noticing what emerges in you in response to each essence description can deepen your understanding of your present situation and increase your awareness of the underlying issues relating to it . You are then working more consciously with Nature (in the form of your flower essences) to clear unresolved issues and dissolve outdated patterns that inhibit your ability to experience life to the full.

love and blessings to all
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